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This is the privacy statement of:


Revisely B.V.

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The Netherlands


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1.     The use of this application is free during the trial period. At the end of the trial, the educational institution receives a quotation, including the price and conditions for further use. After signing and returning the quotation, the associated conditions and the data processing agreement, you can continue using Revisely. Thereafter, the educational institution will receive an invoice for the use of Revisely.

2.     Revisely may, as regards the provisions set out under 9. e.v, assume that you (by the board of your educational institution) are authorised to use Revisely also for the benefit of your students.

Teacher data

3.     Revisely makes it possible for teachers to create a trial account and to make use of Revisely for one month for free.

4.     While creating the (trial) account, the name, e-mail address and name of the educational institution of the teacher will be stored.

5.     When using Revisely, information about the computer, the operating system, the browser, the data entered in Revisely, the traffic from and to the website (, the geographical location, the referring URL and the IP address is stored in the secure environment and databases of Revisely and/or a third party engaged.

6.     The information referred to in 4 and 5 shall be used by Revisely (or a third party engaged) for:

a. providing its services, including the provision of Revisely;

b. following up complaints and/or reports;

c. answering questions;

d. the compliance with the General Conditions of and/or the house rules of Revisely;

e. measuring the interest in its services and promoting usability of Revisely;

f. informing about (other) services of Revisely;

g. making targeted offers for, and sending advertising messages about Revisely; and

h. any other purposes as described specifically when collecting the information.

7.     This information will be stored and processed in accordance with the provisions in this article and the applicable laws and regulations and will not be kept longer than necessary for the purposes described in this privacy statement.

8.     During the trial period, Revisely is responsible for processing the personal data of the information referred to in 4 and 5, in line with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Student data

9.     If a teacher decides to use Revisely for his/her students or other teachers, the teacher can create an account for them, by entering their first name, surname, e-mail, educational institution and class in Revisely.

10.  Revisely endorses the Digital Educational Resources Covenant and Privacy 2.0 and processes the student data only in accordance with the purposes as stipulated in article 5 of this Covenant.

11.  For further information regarding the processing of personal data of students, Revisely refers to its privacy annex, as included on its website.


12.  Revisely takes various technical and organisational measures (including encryption, passwords, physical security) to protect the stored (personal) data against loss or against any form of unauthorised access, unauthorised disclosure or otherwise unlawful processing.

13.  The data of the teacher and/or student are stored in Amsterdam and Dublin.

14.  Revisely is protected with an encrypted connection (SHA-256) to ensure security between the computer of the teacher, the educational institution or the student and the servers of Revisely.

15.  The measures referred to in the preceding provisions, taking into account the status of the technique and the costs of implementation, ensure an appropriate level of security in view of the risks involved in the processing and the nature of the personal data to be protected. The measures are also aimed at preventing unnecessary collection and further processing of personal data. In the Personal Data Protection Act, the measures taken by Revisely are explained in more detail.

Third parties

16.  Without explicit and prior consent, Revisely will not provide personal data to third parties, not being the educational institution where the teacher works or the student is enrolled.

17.  Notwithstanding the provisions under 16., Revisely may, without the prior consent of the person concerned, pass on personal data to third parties such as rightholders, supervisors, tax authorities, judiciary, police and other investigative authorities:

a.     to comply with its legal obligations or court order;

b.    if necessary in the interest of preventing, detecting or prosecuting criminal offenses (such as fraud or deception);

c.     if this is necessary for maintaining the conditions of use and/or house rules of Revisely;

d.    if necessary in the interests of the protection of the rights and freedoms of others;

e.     if Revisely is involved in a merger or acquisition, where the personal data will be shared with the company concerned; or

f.      if Revisely involves a party for processing assigned data, whereby Revisely will apply strict conditions regarding security and confidentiality. Revisely guarantees the processing will only take place for purposes described in this Privacy Statement.

Access, modify or delete

18. The teacher can view, change or delete his/her personal data on the 'My Account' page.

19. To view her/his personal data which is stored and not directly accessible, the teacher can contact Revisely, unless Revisely is not obliged to provide this access under the Law of Protection of Personal Data (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens)

20. If the personal details of the teacher are factually incorrect or incomplete or irrelevant

for the purposes for which Revisely processes the personal data, the lecturer can request Revisely to correct, supplement, delete or foreclose his/her data. Such requests will be handled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.